Dealing with roofing insurance claims and feeling defeated? IRP Adjusters Can Help!

You might not spend much time thinking about roofing insurance, but accidents can happen. In fact, 38% of all claims filed by residential and commercial property owners in the United States are due to storm damage. In the aftermath of a bad hail or lightning storm, you may find yourself asking: what’s next? 

First and foremost, you’ll have to contact your insurance company, which is usually not a seamless process. Dealing with insurance claims and companies can lead to confusion and disputes, which adds more stress during an already difficult time. 

So if you’re dealing with roofing insurance claims, the team at Indemnity Resolution Public Adjusters LTD (IRPA) is here to help. IRPA is a group of professional public adjusters who fight for you when you need it most. While you focus on getting back on your feet, IRPA will defend you and make sure you get what you’re owed.



Why do I need a public adjuster for roofing insurance claims?

If your roof has been damaged and you’re working with a roofing insurance company, you may not think you need your own expert. But a public adjuster is very different from an independent adjuster.

Unfortunately, company insurance adjusters don’t work with your best interests in mind. The company adjusters care about representing insurance agencies and protecting their finances. You need a team to fight for you and maximize your payout, which is exactly what a public adjuster will do.

Immediately after your loss, contact the experts at IRP for help on your claim. They will work from start to finish to ensure you get what you deserve. In an already difficult time, you deserve to put your trust in a company that truly cares.

What can I expect from a public adjuster?

In the aftermath of your accident, the first thing IRPA does is review your roofing insurance policy, or whatever type of policy you’re dealing with. Insurance policies are complex, and oftentimes the policy rules change from year to year. It’s not a reader-friendly document, so you need roofing insurance experts on your side.

Next, your IRP public adjuster will record your claim, careful not to miss a single detail. Whether you need estimates, photos, inventories, and other specific information, IRPA will get it covered. Once the information is documented, IRPA works with the insurance company to negotiate the maximum amount owed to you, and not a dime less. Thankfully, the public adjuster and insurance company usually settle the claim without controversy. 

 About Indemnity Public Adjusters 

Indemnity Resolution Public Adjusters LTD has over 23 years of experience adjusting insurance claims. We’re licensed in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Texas, Florida, and West Virginia. IRPA prides itself on reducing your stress and ensuring you’re given what you’re owed. We safeguard your interests so that in the aftermath of an accident you don’t have any added stress.

IRPA has several areas of expertise: storm, hail, and wind damage; smoke and fire damage; water damage; theft and vandalism; business income, extra expense, and loss of rents. For over two decades, this team of professionals has helped citizens seek justice during difficult times. Nobody likes to think about accidents happening, but when they do, it’s crucial to have the right people on your side, who are committed to defending your interests. 

If you’re struggling with roofing insurance companies and need someone who can fight for you, IRPA is here. Our history of fighting to get people what they are owed makes us the best in the business. If you need help with your claim, reach out to IRPA today at https://irpadjusters.com/.