Rust Prevention

Rust Resistant Air Conditioner Cover | Zerust Anti-Rust Technology

Rust-Resistant Air Conditioner Cover

Employing an air conditioner cover will help prevent system failures. Failures that would require expensive repairs and or replacement of the unit. If your HVAC isn’t performing efficiently, most likely that debris and rust are the sources of its issues.

Benefits of Employing an Air Conditioner Cover:

  • Keeping coils cleaner, helping the unit run more efficiently
  • Prevention of salt air corrosion, especially common in coastal regions
  • Prevention of damage resulting from hailstorms, blizzards, and other unpredictable weather
  • Blocking infiltration of yard waste (leaves, sticks, grass and other items that can become lodged into the unit)
  • Shielding the unit from water resting and freezing directly on coils, particularly if there are several freeze-and-thaw cycles in a season.

While most HVAC systems are designed to withstand these elements, leaving HVAC units exposed to these elements will only increase wear and tear all the while leaving it defenseless against damage from ice, moisture, and debris.

How Does Zerust Technology Work?

Zerust products produce a colorless, odorless vapor, coating your belongings in a rust-inhibiting shield. Molecules in the vapor cling to the surface of the system, forming a protective layer that’s a few molecules thick.¬† Once the vapor has done its job, it eliminates all of the reactions that cause harmful rust and corrosion. Furthermore, Zerust does not cause any negative effects. Your possession’s functionality will stay the same while Zerust goes to work. Zerust will enhance reliability and prevent corrosion at an invisible level to the naked eye.

Their products have also been implemented by many businesses to protect the metal from rust and corrosion. Including vehicle manufacturers, computer electronics suppliers and even the military. Zerust has become a highly trusted product with its loyal customers. Additionally, Zerust is an environmentally friendly product. Even cleared by the FDA that all Zerust products are safe for use with kitchenware.

If you want to ensure that your HVAC unit stays in pristine condition, consider using Zerust products. Additionally, you can protect tools, jewelry, vehicles or any other possible metal possession. Zerust will surpass expectations and ensure all your items completely protected.  Rust and corrosion do not stand a chance against Zerust technology.

Not Sure When To Cover?

Climate is the key factor of when to employ your air conditioner cover.

In mild climate’s most use their HVAC systems almost year-round. However, are you covering your unit during those tropical storms? High-winds have a major impact on HVAC units. With the excessive dust and debris blowing around this will surely lead to clogged aluminum fins of the system’s condenser coil. Many homeowners have checked their unit after severe storms only to find that sand, dust, dirt, leaves, grass, and lightweight objects have clogged their units. Not to mention the salty water that produces corrosive salt in the air which affects your HVAC unit as well.

In climate’s with seasonal changes, you’ll want to cover in mid-fall and leave covered until the snowmelt and heavy rains have surpassed. With the high winds, fall can produce and the extreme amount of falling leaves. Leaves not only will clog your condenser coil but they also contain moisture that can result in corrosion.

The most common corrosion problems seen in residential air conditioner units involve rusty condenser fins, terminal blocks, wire harnesses, and other metal contact points. Damage to these components results in a drastic reduction in energy efficiency, usually only resolved with costly repairs and replacement. Simply put corrosion of air conditioning systems has been known to reduce the life of HVAC units from 15-to-20 years down to 7-to-10 years. Rust and corrosion do not stand a chance against Zerust technology.


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