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If you’re seeking help from social security disability lawyers, choose a team that you can rely on. The attorneys at Marshall Grinder Debski Pitts Law Firm have a deep understanding of social security disability and can guide you through the process when you need it most.

If you don’t know who manages social security benefits, note that the Social Security Administration (SSA) is the federal government agency that manages disability benefits and retirement. However, just because you submit a social security claim, that does not guarantee you’ll get what you’re owed. People often have to fight their claims at a hearing, and it’s situations like these where you’ll highly benefit from the expertise of social security disability lawyers.


How Do I Know If I Need A Social Security Disability Attorney?

Before hiring a social security attorney, it’s important to know who qualifies for social security disability. Any individual who is unable to perform significant, gainful work due to a physical or mental disability (or a combination of issues) can be eligible for social security disability. This physical or mental disability has to have lasted or be expected to last for a year, or the issue should be expected to result in death. In addition, to qualify, you have to have paid social security tax for about five out of the ten years preceding the onset of your disability. The rules are different for those under the age of 30.

As you can tell, deciding if you need to search for social security disability lawyers is a multifaceted process. But, if you have applied for social security disability and your claim is denied, it might be time to think about looking for a social security attorney. These professionals can help represent you at your hearing and get you what you’re owed. They understand the terms and language used when discussing social security disability, and then can ease some stress in an already difficult time.

How To Prepare For A Hearing

If your social security claim is denied, you have the right to a hearing. You should first file an appeal using a ‘Request for Reconsideration.’ You have to write to the Social Security Administration within 60 days of being denied in order to request again. It is likely that, after the administration reviews your second request, you’ll be denied again. After this, you are able to request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). This is common for people, so if you get denied, don’t give up hope. And, when you have the support of expert social security disability lawyers, you can trust you’re in good hands. 

Unfortunately, your hearing will not happen the next day. The Social Security Administration is backed up, which means you can expect to wait 18 to 24 months before your hearing is scheduled. Due to the COVID-10 pandemic, some offices now do video hearings, and some offices do hearings over the phone. Contact your local social security office for specific details.

When it comes to the actual hearing, you’ll want a social security attorney by your side. Government statistics show that those represented by attorneys at their hearings are far more likely to receive benefits. Having expertise on your side is extremely important during these hearings.

So, if you’re seeking social security disability lawyers, you can count on Marshall Grinder Debski Pitts Law Firm.

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Marshall Grinder Debski Pitts Law Firm is a dedicated team of experts who work to represent working people. They focus on cases involving workers’ compensation, social security disability, veterans benefits claims, and evaluation of all legal matters. They represent clients and families in Akron, Canton, Medina, and other areas of Ohio.

When it comes to legal representation, you get much more than a technical, professional lawyer on your side. This team prioritizes making their client feel cared for and understood. They know how stressful issues like social security are, so rely on them to help you through the process. With 40+ years of experience, this is the team you want on your side.

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