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Have you and your team been searching for a durable tower crane for sale? Tom Kasner Crane Sales, Inc. has distinguished itself as a go-to resource for used tower cranes for sale in the USA. Where some cranes may have limited you and your team in the past, Tom Kasner Crane Sales, Inc. can help you and your team maximize productivity.

When you need reliable equipment, you and your team can count on Tom Kasner Crane Sales, without a doubt. With this in mind, you can learn more about Tom Kasner Crane Sales, Inc. and its work by visiting the company website.

Finding the Right Portable Tower Crane for Sale

Have you and your colleagues found yourselves frustrated in the past with cranes’ lifting and loading capacities?  Are you looking for utility and stability for difficult lifting tasks? If so, then a tower crane from Tom Kasner Crane Sales, Inc. could provide the right solution for you and your team. They have top-of-the-line tower crane for sale, as well as other cranes.

You may have worked with a variety of crane types in the past, but may not be familiar with the benefits and operation of a tower crane. Overall, tower cranes are taller than other cranes and tend to offer superior stability.

Are you ready to implement high-quality lifting solutions to your next project? Is it time to upgrade your existing equipment? If so, then connect with Tom Kasner Crane Sales, Inc. today to learn more and take the next steps.

When you need a durable and reliable tower crane, you can feel confident in partnering with Tom Kasner Crane Sales, Inc. See the tower crane available inventory and see other available pieces on their website.

Other Cranes In Addition To Tower Cranes

Tom Kasner Crane has a wide range of used cranes for sale that they offer to customers. So, if a tower crane isn’t the best option for your company, consider what else this company offers.

They have all-terrain cranes, which are a type of crane that combines the capabilities and usage of rough terrain cranes and truck cranes. These cranes can travel on both public roads and rough terrain, making them very versatile. They use more tires in order to increase maneuverability and stability. 

Tom Kasner Crane also sells crawler cranes. These cranes move at slower speeds, so they cannot go on public roads, but they have the ability to travel with heavier loads. This crane can travel over most surfaces, except soft soils, so if you need a heavy load carried, this might be the crane for you.

This company also sells rough terrain cranes, carry deck cranes, telescopic crawler cranes, hydraulic cranes, boom truck cranes, lattice truck cranes, and more. Call today or visit their website to get started with these used crane sale experts!


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About Tom Kasner Crane Sales, Inc.

Have you been thinking about adding a tower crane for sale at Tom Kasner Crane Sales, Inc. to your next project? For nearly two decades, companies from across a wide range of fields have turned to Tom Kasner Crane Sales, Inc. for top-quality lifting solutions.

Teams count on the company for reliable crane purchase and sales. Tom Kasner Crane Sales, Inc. carries the solution for nearly any lifting task, no matter the application. In fact, companies count on Tom Kasner Crane Sales, Inc. for tower crane for sale, telescopic crawler cranes, lattice truck cranes, all-terrain cranes, hydraulic truck cranes and more.

Customers turn to Tom Kasner Crane Sales, Inc. for an extensive selection of pieces from a diverse range of major lifting equipment manufacturers. In fact, just some of the brands the company carries include Manitowoc, Terex, Liebherr, American, Grove, Krupp, and more. To learn more, simply visit the Tom Kasner Crane Sales, Inc. company website today at

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