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Imgon Design is proud to work with a leading provider of industrial laundry equipment solutions like R.W. Martin. We combine both digital marketing and commercial laundry equipment solutions to make it easier for customers to find a used commercial flatwork ironer for sale or any other equipment they may need.

Imgon Design works on the backend, providing R.W. Martin with the digital marketing tools they need. As a result, they can continue to provide high-quality solutions to customers while successfully competing in a volatile online marketplace.

Do you need a used commercial flatwork ironer for sale for your facility or other forms of industrial laundry equipment? R.W. Martin can help you find the best machinery for your laundry operation. They are a leading provider of both new and used laundry equipment. So, you can rely on them for high-quality machinery with competitive pricing.

What is a flatwork ironer?

Flatwork ironers and finishing equipment are the most recent innovation in pursuit of entirely automated laundry operations. These machines are common in industries such as hotels, hospitals, and other businesses requiring high volumes of clean linens. In fact, they automate the processes of separation, ironing, and folding. So, they can enhance productivity as well as lower overall labor costs.

R.W. Martin offers flatwork ironers from various distinguished manufacturers. Chicago Dryer, in particular, creates high-quality equipment for feeding, ironing, drying, and folding. Their Tri-Star series of flatwork ironers offer many unique ways to improve efficiency in your laundry facility.

5 ways to improve efficiency with a used commercial flatwork ironer for sale

1. compact design

These flatwork ironers are perfect for laundry facilities with limited floor space. The compact design allows you to complete high-frequency clean linen production without installing massive machinery. So, you can improve efficiency without crowding your facility.

2. Multiple lane primary folding

Chicago’s Tri-Star series of ironers are designed with four-lane primary folding for enhanced versatility. As a result, they can more effectively process small and large items simultaneously.

3. Wider ironing width

With a 136-inch ironing width, these flatwork ironers can easily handle large, luxury laundry items. Hotels often handle extremely high volumes of large sheets and comforters, so these ironers are ideal for maintaining optimal levels of productivity.

4. stacker & conveyor

The flatwork ironers stacker is located at the machine’s exit. This mechanism uniformly stacks the finished linens in piles, so the conveyor can then deliver them back to the operator. There are also CHI panel controls at the front of the machine, allowing operators to more easily adjust performance.

5. One-person loading system (OPL)

The One-person Loading System (OPL) is designed to enable a single person to operate the entire system. This allows laundry facilities to cut back on labor costs significantly, as they need fewer people to operate their equipment. However, this can be operated by two people in situations where higher production and ironer speeds are required.

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R.W. Martin laundry equipment solutions

If you need a used commercial flatwork ironer for sale for your facility or any other form of industrial laundry equipment, contact R.W. Martin today! Learn more about R.W. Martin on the Imgon Design Blog or visit their website.

R.W. Martin used commercial flatwork ironer for sale