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What to Expect During Laser Eye Treatment | Davis Eye Center

What Happens During Laser Eye Treatment? | Davis Eye Center | Refractive Surgery

Have you been thinking about getting LASIK, but are wondering what happens during laser eye treatment? The full procedure only takes about 15 minutes and involves minimal pain. The process involves: 

  • Application of Numbing Eye Drops to the Cornea or Corneas
    • During this stage, your physician will hold your eye in place with an eyelid speculum and suction ring. You will feel a slight pressure as a result.
  • Creation of the Cornea Flap
    • To keep your eye straight and create the cornea flap, your doctor will tell you to focus on one point of light. Once your eye is in place, your doctor will start cutting the flap to allow for reshaping of the cornea. 
  • Reshaping of the Cornea
  • Replacement of the Cornea Flap 
    • Upon resetting of the cornea flap, the cut begins to heal immediately.  

About Davis Eye Center | What Happens During Laser Eye Treatment?

The Davis Eye Center team is proud to provide vital eye care to patients in the Northeast Ohio area. Our patients turn to Davis Eye Center for: 

  • General Eye Care Service
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What Happens During Laser Eye Treatment? | Lid Speculum

If you’re ready to take the next step toward better health and clearer vision, don’t hesitate any longer. You can reach the professionals at Davis Eye Center, by filling out the form at Or, use the contact information below to send written correspondence or phone calls.  Davis Eye Center offers prospective patients free consultations.   

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