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What is Progressive Die Stamping? | 3 Facts About PMD

PMD, Inc. & Imgon Design | Precision Metal Stamping & Effective Digital Marketing | What is Progressive Die Stamping?

If you have been searching “what is progressive die stamping?” you can find everything you need with PMD, Inc. Imgon Design and PMD work together to make high-quality metal stamped parts easier to find. While PMD continues to offer precision stamping processes, Imgon works on the backend, giving them the necessary tools to reach their digital marketing goals. We offer many advanced digital marketing services, so we can give our clients the results they need to succeed.

PMD, Inc. is a leading provider of progressive die stamping services. In fact, they can perform high-volume production runs for even the most complex metal components. However, you might be wondering what is progressive die stamping? How would it help me complete my projects?

What is progressive die stamping?

Although you may have encountered custom metal parts before, you may not have much experience with progressive stamping. This manufacturing process involves the feeding of metal materials through a custom die. The die consists of multiple stations that perform various forming operations to create a finished part.

In fact, progressive die stamping can perform a wide variety of tasks including cutting, bending, punching, drawing, embossing, shaving, and coining metal to your specifications. Raw materials will move from station to station until the completed parts are cut at the final section of the die.

Also, if your project involves tight tolerance requirements, quick production runs, and consistent control, progressive die stamping is the ideal process to create your metal parts. Furthermore, choosing a reputable manufacturer like PMD ensures you receive the highest quality finished products with competitive pricing.

3 facts about PMD

1. PMD is an American-owned company offering excellent precision for all metal stampings.

With extensive experience in progressive die stamping, PMD can maintain high levels of precision in the manufacturing of hangers, straps, and much other metal stamped components. Customers also have the advantage of working with a company that is entirely American-owned and operated. Furthermore, PMD only uses raw materials acquired within the United States.

With the help of PMD, you can create virtually any standard or custom metal component. In fact, they are a leading supplier of electrical components such as hangers, conduit straps, washers, and more!

PMD facility | what is progressive die stamping

2. PMD’s facility houses advanced progressive die stamping equipment.

The PMD manufacturing facility employs advanced metal stamping presses and production equipment. As a result, they can consistently meet even the most unique and challenging quality and performance requirements for metal parts.

PMD wants to provide every client with the best possible solution for their application. So, they are always searching for new ways to enhance their products and manufacturing methods. PMD also provides packing and assembly services to meet your delivery requirements. As a result, customers of PMD always receive the perfect product for their operation.

3. PMD can provide professional recommendations during the design and prototyping phase.

In addition to the production of existing designs, PMD offers immense experience in the development of brand new components. So, they can provide you with expert recommendations based on the quality and performance requirements of your application. The PMD staff will identify and solve any issues prior to completing hard tooling designs.

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