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Stainless Steel Lock Wire | Malin Co.

Malin Co. Stainless Steel Lock Wire

Stainless Steel Lock Wire

Looking for reliable stainless steel lock wire? Malin Co. is among the top manufacturers of stainless steel lock wire, safety wire, trap wire and more! They have been creating unmatched stainless steel lock wire products since 1884, so they can fulfill all your lock and safety wire needs. Furthermore, Malin Co. stainless steel lock wire is applicable in a wide variety of industries. If you are looking for stainless steel lock wire, check out Malin Co.’s product catalog today!

What is Stainless Steel Lock Wire?

Lock wire/safety wire is an incredibly useful and versatile product for a myriad of applications. Screws, nuts and bolts tend to loosen themselves over time. However, with stainless steel lock wire, you can prevent the loosening from occurring. Therefore, lock wire is absolutely crucial for industrial applications, as it avoids the possibility of serious failures. Malin Co. lock wire can ensure proper operation and safety of staff.

Malin Co. also uses recyclable, high density polyethylene canisters. In comparison to paper containers, Malin’s dispensers are much more reliable because they do not degrade over time while protecting your lock wire from grease and corrosion. Furthermore, each type of lock wire is color-coded for simple identification for each product. Malin is your best resource in safety lock wire.

About Malin Co. | Stainless Steel Lock Wire

Malin Co. has been a leading manufacturer of stainless steel lock wire products since 1884. They use their unmatched expertise to make some of the best safety wire products on the market. In addition to lock wire, Malin Co. offers ultra-fine wire, galvanized wire, wire traps and more! Furthermore, each product offers custom packaging and sizing options. You can have your product delivered in the most convenient configuration for your needs.

You can depend on Malin Co. for all your lock wire needs.

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If you are looking for stainless steel lock wire or other durable wire products, check out Malin Co. today. Learn more about Malin Co. on the Imgon Design Blog or visit their website.