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Women’s Health Service | AxessPointe

Women’s Health | AxessPointe Community Health Centers

AxessPointe Community Health Centers offers women’s health care services for patients of all ages. Contact AxessPointe to schedule a prenatal care appointment or breast cancer screening, or find a birth control that works for you. AxessPointe can connect you with a network of women’s health professionals in order to get the care you need.

Routine care is important to women’s health and monitoring potential health risks is vital to the health of the baby during a woman’s pregnancy.

Prenatal Care | Health Care During Pregnancy

Prenatal care involves routine checkups with a doctor or nurse practitioner throughout a pregnancy. These visits ensure the safety and health of your baby during development. AxessPointe’s providers will monitor your baby’s growth during your checkups, identify any potential problems, and address any concerns.

Women’s health care professionals can provide you with care and information in order to prevent and treat any issues before they become serious.

Pre-Pregnancy Planning

Pre-pregnancy planning is a proactive way to ensure you and your baby are happy and healthy. Visit AxessPointe Community Health Centers for pre-pregnancy planning with medical professionals, who will talk through your medical history. Their team will address potential concerns and take proactive measures by performing screenings if necessary.

Furthermore, planning your pregnancy with women’s health professionals helps your doctors predict high-risk pregnancies. High-risk pregnancies are a rare occurrence but can happen. Your doctors can be prepared for any potential problems with prenatal care.

Scheduling Prenatal Care

If you have the opportunity, take advantage of pre-pregnancy planning. But if pre-pregnancy planning is not an option, schedule an appointment as soon as you realize you are pregnant. AxessPointe cares for each individual patient based on their unique needs. Appointments are scheduled depending upon how far along you are in your pregnancy, or if you are showing signs of a high-risk pregnancy. Here are AxessPointe’s general prenatal care appointment scheduling guidelines:

  • Weeks 4-28: Monthly Appointments
  • 28-36: Biweekly Appointments
  • 36-40: Weekly Appointments

AxessPointe Community Health Centers will work to fulfill your medical needs. You deserve care that will ensure the health of you and your baby. Choose AxessPointe for reliable women’s health services.

AxessPointe Community Health Centers | Women’s Health Service

Women's Health

AxessPointe Community Health Centers are located throughout Northeast Ohio. They have 5 health centers in Kent, Akron, and Barberton, so you can choose the most convenient location for you. AxessPointe also offers behavioral health, dentistry, pediatrics, and more.

Find the women’s health care you need with AxessPointe Community Health Centers. Our women’s health services include:

  • Comprehensive Medical Exams
  • Women’s Well Check
  • STD Checks
  • Menopause
  • Gynecological Examinations and Treatments
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Behavioral Health
  • High-Risk Pregnancy Care
  • Surgical Evaluations and Treatment

Health care is essential for women throughout all stages of their life in order to monitor potential health risks. AxessPointe offers care ranging from routine checkups to urgent care. AxessPointe offers comprehensive health care from a reliable network of medical professionals.

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