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Wuxi Aomeite | Rubber Molding China

Wuxi Aomeite Rubber Molding China

Wuxi Aomeite is a leading supplier of rubber molding and silicone extrusion products in China. With their experience in rubber and silicone manufacturing, Wuxi is capable of meeting virtually any unique customer specifications. They offer a diverse variety of products manufactured in rubber molding and silicone extrusion in China. All of these products are capable of functioning in a myriad of different applications. Furthermore, Wuxi Aomeite offers various colors and densities for each product, ensuring each customer gets the exact product they need. Rubber molding in China doesn’t get much better than Wuxi Aomeite.

In addition to their diverse line of products, Wuxi Aomeite also manufactures their products with many different materials. Whether it’s silicone, silicone rubber, fluorosilicone, or other custom compounds, Wuxi can create your product. This allows them to create many products for different applications including silicone gaskets, cords, tubing, and more. Wuxi Aomeite’s expert staff and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques create incomparable silicone and rubber products. Furthermore, Wuxi can meet any unique customer needs, delivering products on time with every order.

About Wuxi Aomeite

Wuxi Aomeite has been meeting customer and industry standards for silicone extrusion and rubber molding in China, since 1988. Their can-do attitude and expert work ethic has given them constant growth over the past thirty years. Wuxi began as a small rubber molding company; however, they quickly began to offer extrusion and hand-fabrication service. They are now one of the most versatile and reliable rubber molding businesses in China.

Wuxi offers a total of nearly three decades of experience in the rubber and silicone molding industry. They have met an endless variety of unique requirements and specifications during their time. Even if they have not worked with your products specifications, they are certain they have the resources to meet them. Furthermore, their clientele includes businesses in many industrial sectors including construction, automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, and more. When you choose Wuxi Aomeite, you receive the expertise of a respected, proven manufacturer of rubber and silicone products.

Differences Between Molding and Extrusion | Silicone Extrusion China

The first part of the process is to extrude the rubber profiles from the die and cure them in a series of microwave units, which maintain the final form. Then, the rubber products are forced through the die of a cross-section, under pressure of an extruder. It is common for these products to be unvulcanized before they are extruded. This leaves the rubber in a malleable state. In these cases, vulcanizing is necessary before application.

The second part of the process involves the flutes of the revolving screw taking the rubber into the die. An increase of pressure and temperature occurs as they approach the die. The material is then forced through the openings once it has reached the die. The materials swells in many degrees depending on the particular compound. This swelling requires the parts to have plus or minus tolerances on their cross-sections. Extruded rubber will shrink or swell in the length and cross section depending on the compound type.

The last part of the process reduces the length of the rubber extrusion more in the center than at the ends once vulcanization is complete.

Imgon Design | Wuxi Aomeite | Rubber Molding China

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If you have been looking for rubber molding in China or silicone extrusion in China, consider Wuxi Aomeite. They offer products at a consistent quality with a quick turnaround; furthermore, Wuxi works to meet all customer specifications with affordable pricing. Learn more about Wuxi Aomeite on the Imgon Design Blog or visit their website.