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School Bus Driver Training

School Bus Driver Training | School Bus Safety Company

If you are looking to receive a commercial driver’s license, the School Bus Safety Company (SBSC) is offering school bus driver training programs. The educational content of this training can transform applicants to become safe, certified drivers. This content is based on a series of safety videos designed to change the behavior of aspiring school bus drivers, thus, reducing the likelihood of accidents. SBSC has significantly enhanced their school bus driver training over the years. This program now has ten additional subjects to ensure a comprehensive training experience. The SBSC training program also includes content for safety leadership, bullying prevention, and the transportation of students with special needs, The training of applicants into safer, more reliable drivers can prove to be a difficult process. In other training programs, past applicants have failed the CDL written test despite having significant potential. The SBSC school bus driver training, however, is designed to be easily understood by all applicants, improving the chances for success.

Advantages of SBSC’s School Bus Driver Training

The School Bus Safety Company has been creating bus driver training programs for over twenty years. With the SBSC program, applicants and training leaders receive test booklets, drivers’ guides, and trainers’ guides. Furthermore, their comprehensive video training courses even include courses for younger students. Before SBSC, applicants missed out on certification due to sub-par training programs. Now, thanks to SBSC, applicants have a comprehensive, understandable training program. These training courses are efficient and trustworthy, allowing many applicants to receive certification on their first attempt. The School Bus Safety Company’s school bus driver training programs go above and beyond. Their courses even include videos for bullying prevention, safety leadership, and transportation of students with special needs. There are also many options for younger students ranging from pre-K to sixth grade, teaching children how they can increase their safety and the safety of others.

About the School Bus Safety Company

The SBSC is led by President Jeff Cassell. Before SBSC, Cassell was the Corporate Risk Manager for the Laidlaw Group for nearly 21 years. He managed the safety practices for all members of the Laidlaw Group who operated 2,400 Greyhound Motorcoaches, 6,000 transit buses, and 38,000 school buses in total. Today, Jeff Cassell is the leader of the School Bus Safety Company, overseeing the development of their bus driver training courses. These courses have helped over 3,000 school districts and six of the ten largest contractors. Furthermore, over 450 agencies and every location of MV Transportation, Keolis, and Transdev have employed these courses.

Imgon Design | SBSC | School Bus Driver Training

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