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Zerust Plastabs

Zerust Plastabs | Rust Prevention

Anything containing metal is susceptible to rust and corrosion. Taking precautions against rust is a necessity. Zerust Plastabs and other rust prevention products are the best option for protecting against corrosion, stopping chemical reactions before they can occur; thus, increasing the lifespan and maintaining the utility of your belongings. Zerust Plastabs are one of the many rust preventative products Zerust offers. These light, polyethylene squares contain Zerust’s state-of-the-art technology; it is molded directly into the plastic.

Plastabs offer the unique ability to provide rust prevention in hard-to-reach areas. Their thin, narrow shape makes them perfect for protecting many areas that are typically restricted: control boxes, tool boxes, tackle boxes. enclosure cabinets, and spaces containing electrical components. Plastabs can also be shipped with metal parts, providing defense on the go. These products offer protection for up to two years.

How Do Zerust Plastabs Work?

All Zerust products function on a simple protection process. Releasing an odorless, invisible vapor, Zerust Plastabs coat your metal belongings in a rust prevention shield. This vapor eliminates all the chemical reactions that cause rust and corrosion. This vapor is also non-invasive, forming a defensive layer of only a few molecules thick and leaving behind no residue; furthermore, electrical and mechanical components remain unaffected by Zerust’s vapor. Whether its firearms, tools, tackle, jewelry, or auto parts, you can protect your belongings with Zerust.

High Safety Standards

Safety is the most important aspect of service for Zerust. It is an impenetrable defense rust and corrosion and is completely invisible, odorless, and non-toxic. Zerust also applies subtlety along with protection, leaving no residue behind; furthermore, as an FDA-authorized product, Zerust is safe for use with kitchen utensils. Zerust is one of the most versatile rust prevention products on the market.


Zerust is not only safe and efficient, but it is also a great money saver. Zerust Plastabs have a 2-year lifespan and most other Zerust products have a 5-year lifespan; furthermore, Zerust products can be re-purposed multiple times during their lifespan. Protecting metal belongings, however, saves customers more money than anything else. With Zerust, customers do not have to constantly replace their tools and other metal belongings. Both industry professionals and homeowners can save plenty of money on repairs and replacements with Zerust products.

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Anyone experiencing recurring rust damage on any of their belongings will find a solution with Zerust Plastabs and other rust prevention products. Learn more about Zerust Plastabs on the Imgon Design Blog or visit their website.