Are Dermal Fillers Near Me Safe?

Like any kind of plastic surgery procedure or invasive procedure, scheduling a dermal filling procedure has its pros and its potential cons. Doing your research on the front end can help you feel more secure about the decision to proceed.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

First things first. When we talk about dermal fillers near me what do we mean? The most common dermal filler is one the skin actually makes naturally – hyaluronic acid. You may have heard mention of this in commercials for some new facial cleansers that are on the market. Hyaluronic acid, or HA, is renowned for helping skin absorb moisture, retain nutrients, and increase volume.

An important thing to note, regardless of the type of dermal filler you receive, is that it should most assuredly be FDA-approved. The FDA has approved dermal fillers for building volume in different areas of the face, covering or diminishing the appearance of scarring, and increasing facial fat for people who are losing facial volume due to HIV or other causes.

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 Building Confidence

The best way to feel confident about proceeding with a dermal filler procedure is to see a certified and trusted healthcare provider who has a background in either dermatology or plastic surgery. That being said, of course, not all providers are created equal. Here are some things you should look for in your dermal filler provider.

Checking and Double-Checking

Your provider should confirm multiple times the locations where the injections will be made, your desired results, and any other procedures you might be planning for those same areas.

Your Health Background

Your provider should take the time to learn about your medical history. For example, he or she should ask and know if you have a history of serious allergies or anaphylaxis. There are elements to dermal fillers that patients have been allergic to on occasion. You should also inform the provider of any immunosuppression therapy you are on, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, and any other issues that could impact your safety during the procedure.

What is being used

The reliable professional will know that before dermal fillers near me procedures, they should show you either a sealed vial or a pre-filled FDA-approved injectable. Furthermore, you should be shown and given the opportunity to review patient information on the dermal filler being used.

Understanding the Potential Risks 

sometimes, rarely, things can go wrong. The most serious incidents are generally related to someone inexperienced making the injection into a blood vessel, which can create a myriad of issues. 

Generally, the main thing you should prepare for are some side effects at the exact injection site or sites. The areas you had treated will likely be red and swollen or itchy and this usually lasts for 2-4 weeks. Your provider should review other potential risks with you given your own specific situation. This is not to scare you but rather to keep you informed.

 It’s About What You Want

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Not everyone around you will agree with your decision to have a dermal filler procedure. That is okay. Some people do not feel concerned about scarring or wrinkles or other imperfections. For other people, these very human features cause a lack of self-confidence, so diminishing or hiding them is a priority. Neither sentiment is right or wrong. Ultimately, if you want to find a provider who can help you with dermal fillers, that is your prerogative. The more you prepare, and the more you vet your provider, the more successful your procedure will be.