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How an SEO Strategist Will Improve Your Business

Search Engine Optimization

An SEO strategist can be a great asset to improving your business, but before we can discuss what an SEO strategist does, it’s important to understand  the field that they work in. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a process of improving a website through different on-page and off-page tactics, so that search engines will find your site.

To get even more specific on the results from SEO, you will rank higher on keyword terms that are appropriate for your business. The higher ranking will make your site visible  on search engines that generate clicks, and those clicks will turn into sales.

What SEO Strategists Know

SEO strategists have an understanding of SEO and how to execute, read, and respond to information regarding it. Here are some aspects of knowledge that SEO strategists will bring to your business:


Your analytics include the compiled information of users and customers of your site and how they interact with it. Analytics provide a deeper insight into your site and users that you may never have realized without it. Finding flaws in your website gives you clear ways to improve the site. Analytics  also provide metrics for success and efficiency.

seo strategist analytics view

Keyword Research

Keyword research cannot be overlooked, it is a vital part of an SEO strategist’s job. Finding the appropriate keywords is a balancing act of high volume terms, relevant terms to your industry, and the level of competition for those terms and who is competing for them. Once you have the keywords you want to target, finding ways to incorporate them into your site is next.

Google Updates

Google is constantly changing and your SEO strategist should be too. Staying up to date with these tweaks and expanding ideas with an innovative mindset because of it, is the right approach for an SEO strategist.

Website Platforms

Understanding the nuances of whatever platform your website is operating on is a big way to improve the efficiency of your SEO strategist’s work. Having a vast base of knowledge on your website platform will remove the common hang-ups that certain platforms can bring. Whether your site is on WordPress, HubSpot, or any of the other website platforms, having an understanding of the platform that your site is on will give you a better experience.

Strategy and Execution

With the insights from analytics combined with the keyword research performed, now you can get into the development of an SEO strategy. The best SEO strategies have two things in mind: short term strategy and goals, along with long term goals and strategy. SEO strategists have a wide variety of tasks to perform and each may have different goals in mind. With a sound SEO strategy developed, it is time to execute that strategy, and the knowledge of the platform your site is on makes that process much smoother.

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Where Do You Find an SEO Strategist?

When you are searching for an SEO strategist to help your business, there are a few factors to take into consideration: what price range are you willing to operate in, do you want a single SEO strategist that works directly for you, or do you want an SEO agency to work on your site as a team? Use these parameters to narrow down your selection, but to find the contenders, why not use Google? The sites that appear towards the top are likely the ones with the best SEO strategies and execution.