What Are LS Swap Motor Mounts? | #1 SBC Motor Mounts

Unless you are an avid car enthusiast, you may not know what an LS swap motor mount is. Most LS swap motor mounts are used to increase the performance of the vehicle that you are doing the swap on. 

Many motor mounts that typically come with the car from the manufacturer are not as durable and can lead to many other problems if you do not have the right support. You wouldn’t build a house without support beams, it’s the same concept with the LS swap motor mounts.

What Options Does The LS Motor Mount Come With? | Choosing The Right Mount

LS swap motor mounts have many choices when it comes to choosing the right size for your engine. From big to small, they have them all. The only issue when it comes to doing an LS motor mount swap is that you will have to add other adaptations for your vehicle if they are completely different sizes.

For example, you will have issues trying to put a Chevy big block motor mount into a Honda Civic. With some minor modifications for your exhaust and creating more room under the hood, you can create the ultimate sleeper for the dragway that no one will see coming.

How Do LS Swap Motor Mounts Perform?

The way your car sounds, looks, and the size of your engine does not matter if you cannot get the specs for your new motor mount to work. Once configured to your vehicle, having the right air intake, and getting a tune will be the ultimate way to know how well your new LS swap motor mount is going to work. 

LS Engines have a long-running success rate, and many people choose to use this method to get more power out of their vehicles.

What Makes LS Swap Motor Mounts Last Longer?

These motor mounts are made to last by their innovative “Y” block design. This design was created to increase the rigidity in the main cap area. In other words, this “snap-fit” puzzle-like design will help hold your motor in place better and complement the sturdy bottoms.

Where Can I Find The Best LS Swap Motor Mount?

If you are looking for the best LS swap motor mount, there are several motor mount suppliers that have the best car products in the market.

Not only do you need the best LS-series engine mount, but also have the best chance of getting it to fit on the first try. You will need to work with the best after-market car part company to get the best adapter mount to install your LS swap motor mount into any vehicle. 

Call today to learn more about how this Northeastern Ohio LS swap motor mount supplier will help you get the right part for your next performance project.