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How to Pick the Best Industrial Ironer for Your Business

What To Consider When Choosing an Industrial Ironer | Chicago Flatwork Ironer Price 

Do you need to optimize your industrial laundry facility? Have you considered industrial flatwork ironers as part of the upgrade? If not, you are missing out on a crucial piece of industrial laundry equipment. Machines like the Chicago flatwork ironer are designed to optimize your industrial laundry process. These ironers steam, iron, and fold linens all in one cycle. This eliminates the need for multiple machines for steaming and folding, as well as the need for extra employees to operate the machines.

There are many things to consider before purchasing a flatwork ironer, such as the Chicago flatwork ironer price or the price of a Sharper Finish ironer for sale. Keep reading to learn more about what to consider before purchasing a flatwork ironer for your laundry facility.

#1 Production Requirements

A Sharp Finish ironer for sale and other flatwork ironers come in many types and sizes based on their product handling. The first thing you have to calculate is your production requirements. It will be easier to select a flatwork ironer when you know your requirements and the machine’s capabilities. The easiest way to size an ironer is to look at the capacity of your washer-extractors. If you have a 2 x 65-pound washer, you most likely produce 130 pounds per hour at a minimum. That means your production rate for the ironer should be about 130 lbs/hr.

If you work with linens such as king bed sheets or large tablecloths, you should choose an ironer with a working width that can accommodate these sizes. When you know your production requirements, you can select a Chicago ironer once you know the Chicago flatwork ironer price. 

#2 Floor Space

Because an ironer steams, irons, and folds linens, it has to be a big machine. While optimization in your facility is all about production and utilizing floor space, this industrial machine will take up more space than your washers and dryers. If you’re at the point of considering the Chicago flatwork ironer price, make sure you find out the dimensions of the ironer first.

Gas-powered ironers are even larger because they come with an additional gas burner. The burner will need regular maintenance, so ensure there’s enough room to access the burner.  Lastly, your operators will need enough room to pull the linens from carts and load them into the ironer. If the flatwork ironer machine price seems expensive, it’s due to its size and production capabilities. 

#3 Utility Requirements

Most industrial ironers use gas, steam, electricity, and thermal fluid as heat sources. As you consider the Chicago flatwork ironer price and which to choose, also consider your facility’s utility supply. Ensure that you have the correct connections in your facility for your new ironer. Make sure the venting for the ironer is designed and installed properly. Venting removes moisture and combustion by-products. Lastly, confirm that there is proper make-up air for the ironer air. Without make-up air, the ironer can’t remove the moisture and combustion by-products out of the laundry room. This will result in uneven results and warning messages from the machine’s panel.

Consider the Chicago Flatwork Ironer Price

Investing in new equipment for your facility is always an important decision. You have to consider your production requirements, floor space, utilities, and price. With a big investment like a Sharper Finish ironer for sale, you want to know you’re making the best investment for your facility. 
After you get past the flatwork ironer machine price, you will see the benefits of an industrial ironer in your facility. Your production will increase, load amounts will increase, and labor productivity will improve. When you’re ready for your next flatwork ironer, contact your local used industrial laundry provider to learn more about the Chicago flatwork ironer price.