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5 Hospital Laundry Tips | Used Industrial Washing Machine for Sale

R.W. Martin Company and Imgon | A Collaboration for Both Innovation and Growth | Used Industrial Washing Machine for Sale | Laundry Equipment 

Our team commits to helping client businesses grow through the latest in digital marketing strategy and technology.  Similarly, R.W. Martin Company commits to helping businesses maximize efficiency through the most reliable textile care and process water equipment. 

If you have been looking for a reliable industrial washing machine, then count on R.W. Martin Company. With this in mind, you can learn more about the used industrial washing machine for sale selection from R.W. Martin Company by visiting the company website.  In addition, you can find more information about the R.W. Martin Company team and its work by visiting the Imgon blog.  

5 Hospital Laundry Tips | Used Industrial Washing Machine for Sale | Washing Programs

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to back healthcare teams into corners, maintaining a consistent set of procedures for hospital laundry will become more critical.  Whether you and your colleagues take care of laundry in your facility or collaborate with an outside partner, you can prevent the spread of infection by committing to consistency.  See the list below for some tips on how to maintain efficient and hygienic hospital laundry practices.  

  • Keep Soiled and Clean Linens on Opposite Sides of a Laundry Area.
    • This can prevent cross-contamination.
    • The practice can also protect the health and safety of your employees.  
  • Ensure Both Air Vents and Lint Traps Are Accessible.
    • Lint can present serious infection hazards.
    • Proper ventilation can curb the presence of other infection hazards.  
  • Be Consistent With Handwashing and Other Precautionary Practices.  
    • Ensure convenient placement of handwashing stations throughout your facility, both within and outside all laundry areas.
    • Keep all applicable personal protective equipment (PPE) accessible.  
  • Ensure All Employees Receive Proper Training.  
    • Ensure written safety procedures are visible throughout the facility.
    • It may be beneficial for you and your team to review safety procedures on a regular basis.  
  • Clean All Lint Traps Regularly.
    • This will improve the efficiency of dryers.
    • The practice also prevents fires.

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For more than four decades, Kent, Ohio’s R.W. Martin Company has led the way in quality textile equipment sales and service.  The team also provides premier facility design services. Overall, the R.W. Martin Company staff has what you need to keep your facility running as efficiently as possible.  In fact, businesses rely on the R.W. Martin Company team for the following:

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  • Both Employee and Maintenance Training Programs 
  • SignatureSERVICE
  • Free Evaluations
  • Process Water Solutions
  • Equipment Reconditioning
  • Both Water Systems Analysis and Upgrades
  • Plant Installation
  • Project Management Services

A Selection For Any Facility

Whether for healthcare, hospitality, or another field, if you have been looking for a quality washing machine for your facility, but hesitating to opt for used, then you can feel confident in teaming up with R.W. Martin Company.  All used equipment in the company’s inventory must meet strict quality standards. In all, when you choose a used industrial washing machine from R.W. Martin Company, you can get the most out of your facility upgrade. To list, the used washing machine selection includes

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When your company website does not load quickly, or function across devices, you miss out on some of the most valuable conversions and connections.  When your brand is barely visible in the search engine results, you do not bring in as many leads as you could. For this reason, the Imgon team is here to help businesses grow through premier digital marketing and website design services.  To list, our clients count on us for 

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