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Warehouse Dock Ramps More Permanent Solutions

Warehouse Dock Ramps can be a more permanent solution for your warehouse loading and unloading needs. Copperloy has heavy equipment for all your heavy task needs. Offering two unmatched solutions for warehouse dock ramps.

Dock -To- Ground Ramps | Permanent Warehouse Dock Ramps

These ramps are ideal for warehouse material handling. With these ramps in a permanent place, you will no longer worry about long-term, fixed, reliable loading and unloading.   Ideal for handling situations where vehicles travel from grade level to dock level. These ramps are versatile with standard widths of up to 118 inches and capacities up to 30,000 lbs. Accommodating just about any loading application that can arise. Additionally, these ramps can be relocated when needed, unlike concrete ramps.  Requiring minimal cleaning or repair, and designed to be installed quickly and stored easily. The open-faced steel grating of the dock allows snow, water, and other debris to fall through, leaving a high-traction running surface. The safety chains and brackets are included to help prevent the ramps from sliding off dock ledge during use. And providing 7-inch curbs that prevent accidental runoff during the loading-unloading process. And with a durability that’s meant to last and proudly made in the USA.

Copperloy's dock-to-ground-ramp set in place at a warehouse


Yard Ramps | Mobile Warehouse Dock Ramps

These yard ramps are the best mobile solutions for your warehouse needs. Allowing ground level access to docks, trucks, containers, and buildings. You can now create a loading facility wherever the need be. These ramps can handle capacities up to 35,000 lbs. Being engineered to maximize space, productivity, and safety. Copperloy’s one-cylinder yard ramp design uses less pressure to lift the ramp compared to two-cylinder hydraulic systems that other’s in the industry employ. This change has resulted in:

  • Easier operation – The pump location on the outside of the yard ramp frame allows for more convenient access.
  • Faster raise times – Position the ramp up to two and a half times faster than the average ramp.
  • Less wear and tear – Rotation occurs on the redesigned positioning sleeve instead of the ramp connection, reducing wear on the ramp structure.
  • Greater stability – Centrally located cylinder means less chance of tipping.
  • Solid-filled pneumatic tires – Better handle rugged terrain and also reduce the chances of punctures or air pressure problems.

Copperloy semi truck ramp

Features of the Yard Ramps include:

8-FOOT LEVEL OFF- This gives forklifts easy access onto trucks, loading docks, and platforms.

15-INCH LIP – Designed to firmly rest on the truck carrier body, dock floor or platform. Our mobile ramps come equipped with eight-foot-long safety chains. Chains join the ramp to keep it from pulling away.

HYDRAULIC PUMP – The single-acting hydraulic hand pump design requires half the effort needed to raise ramp compared to other mobile ramps. The pump is relocated so that it is protected away from dirt, debris, damage and makes maintenance easier to perform. The handle is stored out of the way when not in use.

SMOOTH SIDE PLATES- Smooth side plates or curbs are standard. They enclose all working components, while also protecting them from possible damage from other equipment.

LOW-END PLATE- With an end plate that is shorter than the wheelbase of most forklift trucks. This way, front-drive wheels can reach high traction grating, while rear wheels are still on the ground. The plate comes standard with beveling from the underside. This helps to provide an easy and smooth ground-level entry. It also eliminates jolts and bumps as the forklifts travel on and off the yard ramp, with or without a load.

DECK GRATING ON OUR YARD RAMPS- High-strength steel is standard on all Copperloy yard ramps. Grating bars are constructed for durability in the roughest of applications. Bars spacing is 1-3/4 inch apart to allow snow, rain, and other debris to fall through. The serrated grating helps to ensure an all-weather, high-traction running surface.

SAFETY CURBS- 7-inch high curbs are standard on all Copperloy ramps. The side curbs help prevent accidental runoff.

18-INCH SOLID/PNEUMATIC TIRES- The solid/pneumatic tires are standard on all Copperloy mobile yard ramps and are ideal for all applications. The tires do not require air to fill, are maintenance-free, and have lubricated-for-life bearings.

THE YARD RAMP POSITIONING SLEEVE- The position sleeve allows the ramp to maneuver 180 degrees which reduces loading/unloading time and increases productivity. The fork slides into the positioning sleeve and the ramp can easily be positioned into place. The positioning sleeve is included with all steel mobile yard ramps.

TOWBAR-  this is an option on both steel and aluminum mobile yard ramps which attaches to the lower end of the loading ramp. It allows the ramp to be towed a short distance (within your facility). The max towing speed is 5-mph and is not intended for over-the-road towing.

Copperloy has engineered a heavy equipment loading ramp unlike any other. Additionally, many ramp models are in stock and prepared to ship out the next day.


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