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Finding City Bus Driver Training

Where to go for City Bus Driver Training

city bus driver trainingIf you’re seeking city bus driver training, you want to consider choosing a course that will maximize safety on the road and use effective learning techniques. With TAPTCO Transit and Paratransit Company, you’ll get a comprehensive course at an unbeatable price, while also following FTA guidelines.

TAPTCO courses are built around quality driving and passenger safety, and they use safety videos that engage each learner. This is one of the top city bus driver training programs because it facilitates a safe culture on the road, and is designed to change driver behavior in order to avoid accidents. Let’s take a look at the different courses TAPTCO has to offer.


Course for City Bus Driver Training

TAPTCO’s operator development course lays a broad foundation of high-quality city bus driver training. It’s a complete kit that includes 33 video-based training programs, in addition to items like a training syllabus, a safety culture guide, a behind-the-wheel trainers guide, a mastery test, and more. There are 9 different groups in this transit development course, which means there are 9 different focus areas of study. These are topics such as federal regulations, safety and defensive driving, driving situations, information about passengers, and more.

Once you complete this course, you’ll take a final exam that assesses your knowledge of city bus driver training. By the end of this course, you should have a sweeping knowledge of the bus operating industry and what is expected of you as a driver, as well as a confidence on the road.

TAPTCO also has a safety leadership course that benefits managers and supervisors looking to gain leadership skills. This bus driver course discusses safety “norms” and seeks to set safe, efficient norms that keep drivers and passengers sage. This course has seven interactive CD’s that guide you through safety norm practices, leadership techniques, and behavior-based safety.

TAPTCO is an industry leader for city bus driver training and other safety courses.  These courses are unlike others in the bus industry and will position you as a safe and responsible driver. In addition to city bus driver training and the safety leadership course, there’s also a trainer certification process, bus garage safety training, and a CDL written test training course.


About TAPTCO Transit and Paratransit Company

TAPTCO Transit and Paratransit Company has developed training programs for drivers for more than 30 years. This company has committed to reducing accidents on the road and maximizing the safety of both drivers and passengers. Over 450 agencies and almost every major contractor uses the TAPTCO training programs. It’s an industry leader for safety and security on the road.

TAPTCO strives to create a safety culture in order to establish safety norms on the road. In order to create and spread a culture of safety, TAPTCO understands they have to make their materials available for wide usage. They offer a free trial for those that want to see what the courses contain before they purchase one. Additionally, there is an option to request a free webinar so a TAPTCO representative can deliver a 20-minute webinar explaining the benefits of these courses.

In addition to these free options, all of TAPTCO’s materials are videos that can be accessed in the following ways: DVDs, a thumb drive, or online learning management. Delivery of all these materials is available simply by visiting the company’s website. 

Don’t miss out on this industry-leading course that teaches safety on the road for both drivers and passengers. If you’re seeking city bus driver training, this is the ideal option for you. From leadership to safety practices to bus garage safety, TAPTCO has a comprehensive collection of training materials. Visit https://taptco.com/ to learn more. 

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