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If you are looking for garage flooring with both strength and beauty, look no further. Ohio Garage Interiors has a large selection of epoxy coatings for your garage floor. These flooring options will give your garage the upgrade you’ve been searching for. Garages are extremely high-traffic areas; therefore, installing garage flooring with resilience is paramount.

Ohio Garage Interiors designs epoxy coatings with durability and flexibility that is four times better than the standard flooring. Furthermore, these coatings are non-porous, stain-resistant, and easy to maintain, and they also do not require annual maintenance or resealing.

Ohio Garage Interiors’ epoxy coatings are superior to DIY coatings. DIY coatings have a tendency to peel and deteriorate after only a short time. Although many use DIY coatings for cost-effectiveness, Ohio Garage Interiors’ coatings permanently bond to the concrete and come with a ten-year warranty in case of any peeling or damage. With these garage flooring options, you won’t have to worry about your floor for many years.

Other advantages of Ohio Garage Interiors’ flooring are slip resistance and UV resistance. Furthermore, they have a beautiful finish that protects easily against spills and stains. Cleaning is also simple. It just takes easy mopping or hosing to keep your garage shining.

Countless customizable options

In addition to the strength and reliability of these floor coatings, Ohio Garage Interiors has an immense selection of different colors and styles. You can completely customize your garage to your liking. There are countless color options for their decorative flake styles, and they also have multiple flake types. Ohio Garage Interiors offers standard decorative vinyl flakes, variegated vinyl flakes, and organic mica flakes with sizes from 1/8 to 1/2 inches.

Secondly, they also have solid-color and metallic finishes. Their solid-color flooring options come in dozens of colors with a beautiful, high-gloss finish. There is also an option for customers to create custom color blends.

Ohio Garage Interiors also offers FlexTile Modular Flooring. This is a flooring containing recycled tires, and it has impeccable longevity and durability. This flooring is a leader in quality in the industry. These tiles are also incredibly easy to clean and are applicable indoors and outdoors.

Furthermore, Ohio Garage Interiors will install this system for more than just your garage. They will apply it to your patio, hanger, showroom, or other customer service areas. The FlexTile Modular Flooring system gives customers the flexibility and customization options they need.

Anyone looking for a new look for their garage should consider Ohio Garage Interiors’ garage flooring options. They will give you a look that will last for years while looking fantastic. These coatings will give you more than your money’s worth, and Ohio Garage Interiors will ensure you are satisfied with your new garage.

3 reasons to choose OGI garage flooring

Safe, easy-to-clean flooring:

OGI garage flooring features an impermeable topcoat, so it can keep dirt, dust, and stains from settling into your concrete floor. This topcoat is also slip-resistant. As a result, your flooring is easier and safer to clean.

Higher strength means long-lasting and low-maintenance:

OGI has designed their flooring for the best possible performance in Ohio’s climate. Their high-performance epoxy is made with polyaspartic polyurea, so it can protect the concrete from virtually any form of wear and tear. Dirt, dust, mold, mildew, road salts, and corrosive chemicals are no match for OGI garage flooring! So, your new garage floor will look better and last longer without frequent maintenance.

Free quotes and in-home inspections:

If you are interested in new garage flooring but are not ready to commit to service, you can schedule an on-site inspection with OGI. A certified OGI contractor will come to your home, inspect your current flooring, and provide you with a free quote. They also accept photos if you do not have time for an in-home inspection.

About Ohio Garage Interiors Garage Flooring Contractors

Locally owned and operated by the father and son team of Chad & Scott Gleske, Ohio Garage Interiors specializes in garage flooring solutions. OGI was founded to create an affordable, high-quality flooring option for Ohio home and business owners. Now, OGI is now a leading provider of flooring solutions for Northeast Ohio, offering exceptional installation, repair, and maintenance services.

When you choose OGI, you always receive the best flooring solutions on the market with reliable customer services from industry professionals. You can depend on OGI to use quality materials and precision installation techniques to ensure you get the best flooring for your garage. In fact, OGI uses their access to invaluable insider knowledge to stay updated on the most current developments in flooring installation materials and methods. So, they are always equipped to offer the highest quality flooring solutions on the market.

If you are looking for garage flooring installation services in Ohio, get in touch with Ohio Garage Interiors. OGI offers their services year-round, so do not hesitate to schedule an inspection for a free quote! To learn more about OGI garage flooring contractors, contact us today or visit their website at https://ohiogarageinteriors.com/.

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