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How to Prevent Tools from Rusting in Garage

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If you are looking for tips on how to prevent tools from rusting in garage environments, check out Zerust Products. Zerust is a valued client of Imgon Design, a leading provider of digital marketing solutions in Ohio. We work with Zerust to make their high-quality rust prevention products more accessible to those who need them.

While Zerust continues to deliver reliable rust prevention solutions, Imgon Design gives them all the digital marketing tools they need. As a result, they can more effectively reach their business goals and access larger audiences of potential customers.

How to prevent tools from rusting in garage

If you frequently use and purchase power tools, you need a reliable way to keep them in optimal condition. Regardless of where you store your tools, rust is one of the most common forms of wear and tear you need to prepare for. Storage options include workbenches, toolboxes, garages, and sheds, but which is best for storing your power tools and prevent rust?

Whether hand tools or power tools, you need to consider the size of your collection, the climate of the storage space, and the risk of exposure to moisture or open air.

OSHA states that a wide variety of hand tools contain iron or steel components. As a result, their metal surfaces are incredibly susceptible to rust. The experts at Zerust understands the risks of chemical oxidation, the process that causes rust.

When iron interacts with oxygen and moisture, there is a high risk of rust forming. In fact, power tools are particularly vulnerable to rusting due to the many cracks and crevices featured in their design.

Therefore, you need to find the best storage space to protect your hand and power tools from the dangers of rust and corrosion. You can also increase the protection of your tools with the help of Zerust’s many rust inhibiting products.

Rust risk in toolboxes

Toolboxes are capable of fitting many different types of hand and power tools. These boxes can also be stored indoors, in garages, or in sheds to lessen exposure. Most notably, the toolbox’s hard casing will protect tools from any dents and dings. As a result, they prevent pitting and, in turn, rust.

Simply throwing your tools in a toolbox will not be enough to keep them rust-free, however. In fact, moisture and humidity can still seep into even the strongest toolboxes. Therefore, it is best to store toolboxes in areas that do not experience fluctuating temperatures, which cause condensation. You can also store toolboxes on higher shelves as an additional measure.

For the highest level of rust protection, however, you can use some of Zerust’s many anti-rust products. Their toolbox drawer liners, plastabs, and VCI vapor capsules eliminate the chemical reactions that cause rusting. So, you can protect your power tools from corrosion.

Risk of rust in Garages v. Sheds

Garages and sheds are two of the most common storage areas for tools in the home. The most important consideration when choosing between the two is temperature control.  High and low temperatures are unlikely to cause issues; however, the fluctuation from high to low increase condensation and the risk of rust formation.

If you already have a workspace in your garage, it is likely the best storage space for your power tools. However, garages are more likely to move from hot to cold. So, if you cannot maintain stable temperatures in your garage, you may want to consider a shed. You can also utilize Zerust’s power tool rust prevention products to increase protection.

If you do not own a toolbox or your power tools are too larger, Zerust’s VCI vapor capsules are the ideal solutions. In fact, Zerust has designed these products to fit inside or cover virtually any hand or power tool. Furthermore, VC6-2 capsules offer a six-foot radius of power tool rust protection in enclosed spaces for up to two years.

You can also use these same rust prevention methods for your shed. Sheds also offer the benefit of having generally better temperature stability. However, power tools left exposed to open air are susceptible to rust if the shed has leaks and holes.

So, Zerust recommends garage storage for the storage of hand and power tools. If you store your tools in your garage with Zerust rust prevention products, you will no longer need to worry about rust damage.

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If you want to learn how to prevent tools from rusting in garage environments, contact Zerust today! Learn more about Zerust on the Imgon Design Blog or visit their website.
Zerust Products | How to Prevent Tools from Rusting in Garage

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