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Protect Your Tools With Zerust’s Tool Box Rust Inhibitor

Zerust offers the most affordable and effective Tool Box Rust Inhibitor in the rust prevention industry. For almost twenty years Zerust has been developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly rust and corrosion protection products. In fact, Zerust is distributed throughout the U.S. and over 60 countries and serves more than 2,000 major industries worldwide.  

We all know that when it comes to metal surfaces they are prone to corrosion and rust. The most common factor of corrosion is caused by humidity. So for those of you who don’t have temperature regulated garages and tool sheds Zerust is your tools new best friend. 

To minimize both corrosion and rust damage to tools and equipment stored in a tool and tackle box or garage drawer, Zerust Consumer Products offers several rust-inhibiting options such as: 

Plastabs – Tool Box Rust Inhibitor

Zerust Plastabs ® tool box rust inhibitor consists of thin, light but rigid polyethylene squares infused with a corrosion-inhibiting formula molded directly into the plastic. This technology will emit a harmless vapor of molecules that forms a protective coating on nearby metal surfaces. This vapor is odorless, non-toxic, and will not leave behind any residue on surfaces. 

The slender shape of these Plastabs makes a perfect solution for narrow and hard to reach areas such as electrical components, enclosed cabinets, control boxes, toolboxes, and tackle boxes.   

Plastabs are designed to provide hassle-free, long-lasting rust inhibiting protection for up to 2 years. 

Toolbox Drawer Liners – Tool Box Rust Inhibitor

Zerust Toolbox Drawer Liners consist of a strong, durable and non-slip PVC rubber infused with Zerust’s patented corrosion inhibiting formula. As with the other Zerust products, this produces an odorless, non-toxic vapor, and will not leave behind any residue on surfaces. 

Drawer liners can be cut to the exact size and placed on shelves, and in toolboxes, drawers, tackle boxes, truck boxes, and storage boxes. The possibilities are endless. Additional features are prevention from mold and mildew, protection of items, and tools from slipping and banging against each other and the liner is fire retardant.

Additionally, the corrosion inhibitor lasts up to five years, and after this, they could be reused, re-cut, and re-purposed. And cleaning is as simple as wiping with a clean damp cloth. 

Vapor Capsules for Tool and Tackle Boxes – Tool Box Rust Inhibitor

This tool box rust inhibitor is the most convenient solution for preventing box rust when storing metal objects within a toolbox and tackle box. Zerust vapor capsules come with an adhesive backing that will affix to the inside of any storage container, toolbox, tackle box, and even rod and reel cases. 

This form of anti-rust and corrosion formula releases molecules into the air, which then surrounds metal surfaces and creates an invisible, protective shield for up to two (2) years. Once the tools or tackle items are taken out of storage, the molecules harmlessly vaporize into the air without leaving any sticky or flaky coatings on your metal or storage container.

Preventing rust need not be a time-consuming project. Simply peel, place, and forget. Your wrenches, sockets, and fishing accessories will stay in prime working condition the next time you go to use them. 

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