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All Ohio drag racers and car lovers in need of an upgrade should to check out Southside Machine. Southside Machine is a drag racing and performance automotive parts company based in Akron, Ohio. They specialize in designing high-quality components such as traction bars, lift bars and ladder bar suspension. Southside Machine produces uniquely crafted parts with race-proven results. The goal of their design is to monumentally improve your vehicle’s traction and drastically reduce any wheel hop.
Southside Machine’s ladder bar suspension is a component any drag racer should install. It will prevent any lateral movement between the suspension and the body, which will greatly improve the speed stability of your vehicle. Southside also designs their ladder bar suspension with heavy-duty, boxed steel tubing that will allow your vehicle bounce and unload suspension during a launch. This sturdy material will not bend or flex during a takeoff, giving you the consistency necessary for successful drag racing. In addition, Southside Machine applies a powder-coated finish to their components, which is resistant to chips, scratches and corrosion. This finish will keep the components strong and consistent for a long period of time.

A History of Success with Southside Machine

Southside Machine is a name is widely known for having a long history of successful production of performance automotive parts. They provide trustworthy service as well as reliable components that will run with your vehicle long after their initial installation.
The original Southside Machine Company closed its doors and ceased production due to the founder’s retirement over a decade ago; however, Southside Machine’s name lived on through the following years. Other businesses tried to introduce versions of Southside Machine products in the past decade. Unfortunately, they were not on par with any of the authentic Southside Machine components. Then the inception of the current Southside Machine occurred, allowing for production to continue once again.

Why Choose Southside Machine? | Ladder Bar Suspension

Southside Machine designs parts that will fulfill all of your performance-related needs. Their quality components will give your vehicle the upgrade it needs, and furthermore, will give you more than your money’s worth. The lifespan of these parts in unrivaled due to their masterful, damage-resistant design, giving you a part you can appreciate for many races to come.
All drag racers and car enthusiasts alike would be remiss if they did not take the time to check out what Southside Machine has to offer. When you install Southside’s components, your vehicle will force all necessary horsepower to the pavement. This will give you a smooth, successful launch consistently. Southside’s parts also include easy-to-follow instructions for personal installation. These instructions could be followed at any level of expertise, allowing car-enthusiast newcomers to dive into performing car upgrades themselves.
Anyone searching for the right part to replace or upgrade their ladder bar suspension or any other car components should look into Southside Machine. They will give you the part you need and more.