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Oil-less Vacuum Pump | Becker Canada

Oil-less Vacuum Pump | Becker Canada

Becker Pumps Canada is among the best in the design and manufacturing in oil-less vacuum pump technology. They understand the significance of creating reliable yet affordable machinery. Furthermore, Becker Pumps Canada puts a strong focus on the user-friendliness of their designs. Their oil-less vacuum pumps can function in a diverse array of applications. Becker Canada is the best solution for oil-less vacuum pump machinery.

A Top Developer of Oil-less Vacuum Pump Technology

Becker Pumps Canada offers immense experience in the realm of air system technologies. They stem back all the way to 1885. Since the beginning, they have been providing quality products and customer service to their customers. Each day is another step in the development of more efficient and cost-effective machinery. Quality and reliability are now stapled characteristics of Becker Pumps Canada. Furthermore, they reinforce their industry leadership with each and every iteration of their industrial and oil-less vacuum pumps.

Becker Canada’s unwavering commitment to the development of air system machinery is one of the many reasons why they are a leader in the industry. All available resources at their disposal bolster the augmentation of the technology. Becker Canada employs a dedicated work ethic in tandem with its unparalleled product quality to meet the needs of all clients.

Imgontage-P Medical and Oil-less Vacuum Pump

Becker Pumps Canada is a leading developer of oil-less vacuum pump technology. The Imgontage-P Medical oil-less vacuum pump is one example of their unmatched products. This pump employs an automatic purging system, which is perfect for laboratory environments. Many labs require the filtering of many chemicals and gases; therefore, the Imgontage-P model uses the automatic purging system to cleanse itself of these materials. This process increases the longevity of the machine substantially.Oil-less vacuum pump

Features of the Imgontage-P Oil-less Vacuum Pump

When Becker Pumps Canada designs machinery, users’ and maintenance workers’ needs are at the forefront of their minds. Thus, they have implemented a state-of-the-art touchscreen system into their Imgontage-P oil-less vacuum pump. This touchscreen greatly increase convenience by granting access to crucial information: maintenance reminders, alarm log monitors, vacuum level bar graphs, overall pump status, and more! Furthermore, this touchscreen also allows users to monitor pump status remotely.

When customers choose Becker Pumps Canada, they receive the most cost-efficient, quiet, and environmentally friendly machines in the industry. The following list contains a short selection of advantages provided by the Imgontage-P oil-less vacuum pump:

  • Remote Alarm Relays
  • Modular & Expandable
  • PLC Control with Timed Alternation
  • Single-Point Connections for Vacuum, Electrical & Discharge
  • The only 3-year warranty in the industry!

Oil-less Vacuum Pump | Becker Canada | Imgon Design

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If you are looking for reliable, oil-less vacuum pumps, contact Becker Pumps Canada. Learn more about Becker Canada on the Imgon Design Blog or visit their website.