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Using Advanced Healthcare Software to Reduce Hospitalization

Exclusive Software SAIVA Healthcare | Reduce RTH and Maximize Efficiency

Have you and your colleagues been trying to find a new way to reduce hospitalization? Healthcare teams are depending increasingly on exclusive risk prediction and rehospitalization reduction software from SAIVA Healthcare.

Without a doubt, you can count on this exclusive software to make your facility a safer and more efficient place. With this in mind, you can learn more about the SAIVA Healthcare team and its work by visiting the company’s website.

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How to Reduce Hospitalization Rates in Your Facility Through Advanced Healthcare Software

Where traditional Risk Score algorithms and past procedures have limited you and your team, solutions from SAIVA Healthcare can generate meaningful results. Using 24 months of historical EHR data, SAIVA Healthcare’s exclusive software system implements daily feeds to customize a machine learning setup for a specific healthcare facility.

After two weeks, the exclusive healthcare software both highlights and sorts the patients most at risk for decline or hospitalization. The software then emails a Daily Risk Report to a nurse.

He or she can use the data from the Daily Risk Report to investigate issues and triage. When teams use software from SAIVA Healthcare consistently, they can benefit from reduced rates of hospitalization, improved patient outcomes, and increased census.

The healthcare software system emphasizes an exclusive predictive model. The technology allows for analysis across multiple shifts and sends an alert if a patient is at risk of hospitalization within three days. It can confirm relevant risk factors and communicate a variety of suggested intervention methods.

Significantly, SAIVA Healthcare software allows healthcare teams of all kinds to make patient risk assessment processes more efficient. In all, the exclusive technology puts machine learning to use for telemedicine professionals, skilled nursing teams, hospitals, ACOs and home health service providers. Reach out to the dedicated team of professionals from SAIVA Healthcare today to learn more.

About SAIVA Healthcare

Are you and your colleagues ready to maximize productivity and reduce hospitalization across your healthcare facility? The experts from Silicon Valley’s SAIVA Healthcare dedicate themselves to improving patient outcomes in post-acute care facilities of all kinds.

This team of professionals consists of engineers, healthcare technology experts, and data scientists. In all, these experts dedicate themselves to providing software solutions that both accurately predict risk and power timely interventions.

If you have been looking for a risk assessment solution, then you can feel confident in counting on SAIVA Healthcare. To learn more about reducing hospitalization, simply visit https://saivahc.com/ today.

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