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6 Factors That Can Slow Regenerative Blower Function

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The Imgon team takes great pride in transforming brands and growing business for teams of all kinds of industries.  In a similar way, the team from Becker Pumps Corporation has become a leading resource for equipment that transforms industrial facilities for maximum efficiency.  If you have been planning a major facility upgrade, then you can count on the team from Becker Pumps Corporation to help your facility become a more productive place. 

To learn more about the selection of a regenerative blower from Becker Pumps Corporation, simply visit the company website. In addition, you can find more information about the Becker Pumps Corporation team and its work by visiting the Imgon blog.  

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6 Factors That Can Slow Regenerative Blower Function | Regenerative Blowers | Regen Blowers 

Regenerative blowers are ideal for industrial lifting, packaging, and dust removal.  However, they can only add to the efficiency of a facility with consistent maintenance.  When it comes to ensuring the effectiveness of a regenerative blower, commitment to regular checks is key.  Some factors that can get in the way of optimal blower performance include

  • Infiltration of Particles
    • Improper filter choice can lead to harmful intake of outside matter.  
    • Dust or other materials can wear out the motor and damage impellers.
  • Damage to Bearings
    • Failing to replace bearings regularly can slow blower operation.
    • Overheating of bearing grease can cause harmful accumulation of carbon, and lead to failure of the blower.  
  • Overheating
    • Be mindful of any pressure changes and keep a pressure gauge accessible to prevent heat damage.  
    • Specifically, excessive heat can damage a regenerative blower’s drive motor winding. 
  • Overwork
    • Exceeding a regenerative blower’s vacuum or pressure capacity can wear out the motor.  
    • Use relief valves consistently.  
  • Poor Air Quality
    • Most regen blowers have copper or aluminum impellers and housings and can be vulnerable to corrosion in salty air conditions, such as those in regions near oceans, or around certain chemicals.  
    • Continuous operation tends to keep regenerative blowers safe from such damage, but leaving a blower idle for significant time can put the piece at risk.  
  • Vibration
    • Regen blowers can only function properly in fully vertical or horizontal orientations.  
    • Mounting at an angle can cause vibration that stresses a piece’s bearings.  

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For more than a century, companies all over the world have looked to Becker Pumps Corporation for excellence in air movement technology.  The company offers an impressive selection of industrial vacuum pumps and regenerative blowers to streamline operations across a diverse range of industries.  In fact, just some of these fields include

  • Vacuum Forming
  • Both Waste and Water Treatment 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Laboratory Applications
  • Healthcare 
  • Environmental Applications
  • Aerospace 
  • Aggregates
  • Both Automotive and Tire Production
  • Food Processing 
  • Printing 

Regenerative blowers from Becker Pumps Corporation are both quiet and cool running.  These pieces are compact for easy integration into just about any facility and are notable for ease of maintenance.  Overall, if you have been planning to upgrade your facility through durable regen blowers, then you can count on Becker Pumps Corporation for quality equipment.  

When you and your colleagues choose a Becker Pumps Corporation blower, you can use less power, and take a step toward more sustainable business.  Click the links below to take a look at the full selection of blowers from Becker Pumps Corporation.

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