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School Bus Safety Video and School Bus Driver Training Videos

Are you worried about school bus safety for your school district or wish you had some sort of school bus safety video to show your students or children so they are more aware of the dangers around them? The School Bus Safety Company located in Hudson, Ohio has just that and more. For over twenty years, the SBSC has created award winning programs like driver training courses, bullying prevention and danger zone awareness. They understand that your children’s safety is the number one concern and they don’t take their job lightly. They also have a variety of free service to let the public be more aware of the issues many school districts face with bus safety.

Free school bus safety videos like PSAs and free demo disks are just the beginning of what the School Bus Safety Company has to offer. They also have driver CDL training courses, webinars, and training courses for school children ranging from grades pre-k through 6th grade on up. When you teach your children early on about safety, the more prepared they will be if an emergency does ever happen. Call them and request free PSA videos sent to your school at 1-866-275-7272. The safety of school children and drivers should be the number one concern in and out of school.

Increase School Bus Safety with these School Bus Driver Training Videos


The School Bus Safety Company provides training courses for students and drivers with an emphasis on safety. The SBSC school bus driver training videos and student saftety videos strive to instill safety in everyone to reduce danger zone incidents to zero. The School Bus Safety Company is comprised of safety experts that have been designing award-winning school bus driver training videos for more than 20 years.

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