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Vane Pumps Now Available With Becker Pumps Mexico

Vane Pumps now distributed exclusively by BRB del Norte SA de CV – Becker Pumps in Mexico. For over one hundred years Becker has been maintaining a reputation of high-quality, reliable machinery and trustworthy customer service. Since 1885, Becker Pumps has been designing and manufacturing advanced air system technology and they continue to improve their machinery to this day.
One of Becker’s most notable achievements over the years is with vane pumps.  These are oil-less, environmentally friendly, that perform at an unparalleled consistency and has a long lifespan. Energy consumption is one of the most crucial factors in maintaining efficiency and overall profitability within a facility. Vane pumps being an important contributor to any facility’s power consumption; therefore, the quality of the machinery in a central air system will drastically impact energy efficiency.  
Becker’s rotary vane vacuum pumps employ a positive displacement method and contain vanes which are placed within a rotor. This series of vanes creates circulation within the cavity, allowing for air to be forced through pipes or ducts. Therefore these pumps are capable of multiple processes whether your application requires the pumping of air or the creation of a vacuum.

Rotary Vane Pump Applications

Becker’s rotary vane pumps are incredibly versatile machines. They can fit well in a wide variety of applications.
Some compatible applications:

  • Food Packaging and Processing
  • CNC Routers Vacuum Hold Down
  • Environmental Applications
  • Medical/Surgical Vacuum
  • Printing and Paper Conversion
  • Paper and Plastic Packaging
  • Pick and Place

Additionally,  with Becker’s unique, up-to-date technology, these machines being compact and extremely quiet. Furthermore, maintenance needs are a bare minimum. These rotary vane vacuum pumps do not experience internal metal contact; therefore, their lifespans are increased as well as their ability to maintain peak performance. If you are looking for reliable vane pump machinery, Contact Becker Pumps of Mexico for all your vane pump industry needs. 

Becker Pumps | Reliability & Consistency | Vane Pumps

Becker is a company that offers reliability and consistency not only with their machinery but customer service as well. Their goal is to exceed the expectations of all their clients, ensuring each customer is completely satisfied. A proven leader in not only product quality, as well as a top innovator in the development of air system technologies.
Any facilities or businesses in need of improvement in their centralized air systems should consider Becker Pumps. Becker Pumps machinery is an immediate upgrade to any existing system and a great way to begin a new air system.

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Looking to improve your current central air system with new pumps and blowers, Becker Pumps has options for everything you could need. They have monumental experience in the development of air system technology, which allows them to offer a multitude of state-of-the-art options.