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Ohio Garage Interiors Metallic Epoxy Floor Installations

Give your garage the upgrade of a lifetime with Metallic Epoxy floor installation. Are you concerned that they won’t hold up to your heavy traffic area? With OGI’s epoxy floor coatings that are four times more durable and more flexible than standard epoxy. These are far more superior to DIY coatings that will ultimately peel and deteriorate over a short period of time. Naturally, garages are high-traffic spaces, which means they the highest quality coating to withstand the barrage.

OGI employs high-quality coatings that are stain resistant, non-porous and easy to maintain.

Benefits of Ohio Garage Interiors Metallic Epoxy Coatings:

  • 100% Epoxy
  • 24 Vibrant Color Choices
  • 3-Coat, Seamless Flooring System
  • Designed for Interior or Exterior Use
  • Unique Application Techniques
  • Permanently bonds to the concrete
  • UV Stable
  • Slip Resistant
  •  Protects against stains and spills
  • Durability and withstand heavy use
  • Does not require annual maintenance or resealing
  • Ten-year warranty for any possible peeling or damage
  • Cleaning is also incredibly easy – Easily clean the surface with a quick mopping or hosing to keep your garage sparkling

The allure of a Metallic Epoxy flooring with its beautiful appearance is suitable for more than just a garage; these can also benefit retail establishments, night clubs, automotive showrooms, even hair salons & Spas. With all the benefits, strength and durability there is no need to worry about your garage floor for years to come. 

 Flooring Offered In An Unbeatable Variety Of Colors And Styles.

Ohio Garage Interiors offers a myriad of colors for their decorative flake styles, and there are even multiple flake types. These types include the classic decorative vinyl flakes, variegated vinyl flakes, and organic mica flakes. Flake styles are available in varying sizes from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch flakes.

Additionally, OGI offers solid-color and metallic finishes. These solid-color garage flooring epoxy coatings come in dozens of colors and have a brilliant, high-gloss finish. Designers can even create custom color blends for any specific requests. 

OGI’s Decoflake Flooring

Decoflake is ideal for garages and high-traffic spaces because of its degree of performance.  This high-quality flooring is non-porous and seamless.  As a result, it is extremely easy to clean.  Additionally, this coating is stain, chemical, and slip resistant!  The durable, hybrid polymer is four times stronger and more flexible than standard epoxy.  In comparison to DIY epoxy systems, our coating permanently bonds to the cement.  This results in a far superior coating that won’t wear through or peel.  Sikafloor® Decoflake flooring systems last for years to come.

OGI’s Mica Flake Blends 

The Organic Mica Series is another beautiful style option allowing you o select a style, color, and look specifically tailored to your taste. Transform your dirty, greasy garage floor into a durable, beautiful surface. Garage floors and floors in other hard-working spaces require high-performing coating systems to prove durable enough to stand up to the job. Ohio Garage Interior’s Organic Mica Series is highly durable, resilient and easy to care for all while being stylish and presentable.

With so many varieties available the best option for customers truly is to contact OGI to schedule an appointment to view their own showroom with new locations in Akron & Medina.

Did you Know OGI Offers More Than Just Garage Flooring?

In addition to creating stunning garage interiors, OGI also installs basement and commercial flooring.  With their key characteristics, this coating system is one of the best basement flooring options.  Additionally,  this coating is excellent for the high demands of commercial epoxy and industrial flooring.  Durability, easy maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing, OGI’s epoxy installation is the ideal choice for all degrees of flooring needs.


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Ohio Garage Interiors offers a large variety of Metallic Epoxy flooring. Your garage’s flooring is not just a surface meant to park a vehicle on – it’s a surface that combines functionality with style.  They will elevate the look and feel of your garage new flooring. To learn more about how Ohio Garage Interiors Metallic Epoxy flooring can accommodate your style please visit their website.