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Becker Canada Air Vacuum Pump

Becker Canada Air Vacuum Pump

air vacuum pump

Becker Canada is a leading manufacturer of air vacuum pump machinery. Becker Canada gives you the ability to customize your machinery in order to work more effectively in your application. They can also work with your OEM engineers to determine which machine is best for your project. As a result, Becker customers always receive the air vacuum pump they need at competitive pricing. In addition, Becker Canada air vacuum pump offers the following benefits:

  • Greater Hold-down Force
  • Low Maintenance
  • Faster Service
  • Maximum Horsepower Efficiency
  • Unrivaled Reliability

Imgontage-W Woodworking Air Vacuum Pump

Becker Canada’s Imgontage-W air vacuum pump systems are especially versatile. They easily meet the requirements for woodworking operations involving vacuum hold-down for router tables. In addition, Becker air vacuum pumps are optimal for applications involving thermoforming and CNC applications. In addition to woodworking and CNC, these air vacuum pumps are customizable for several additional industries.

Features of Becker Canada’s Imgontage-W Series

All of the vacuum systems in the Imgontage-W series offer 100% dry operation. Becker equips these oil-less systems with single inlet connections. These pumps are also customizable to meet your unique needs.

The standard features of these systems are only the beginning. Becker Canada can reconfigure Imgontage-W pumps to work better within your specifications. Becker can modify:

  • Arrangements: Duplex and Triplex stacked arrangements.
  • Inlet Filtration: We can supply your system with up to three times the normal amount of inlet filtration cleaner air and longer pump life.
  • Power:  Motors range from 7.5 hp to 72 hp.
  • Capacity: Capacities range from 130 to 1059 CFM.

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